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Can you believe it? The very last concert of the "up,close and personal" tour is here.
So many dates were added to this tour, and I can imagine the Brothers are exhausted .
But what a way to say Goodbye!!

So, today Mario and I left very early .The alarm was set at 03.30 ough!! As we decided to travel by car and boat
we needed quite some time to get there
This concert will be very strange; the very last one, my friends are not with me, and it is
the very first time I am going to an Osmond concert with Mario.
But I can do with a shoulder to cry on at the end, lol

When we arrived in Dover it was raining, but driving to Bournemouth the sun came through and we had
lovely weather all the way.
It was funny as a car passed by with Osmonds fans ; the car was decorated with scarves of " I love the Osmonds".
Anyway, we arrived in Bournemouth at 1 but couldn't check in yet, so we went for a nice walk on the beach, through the parc and having
a drink on a terrace.
bourn1.jpg bourn2.jpg

Walking by the BIC, we met some french fans, and some UK fans who were already waiting for the bus to arrive.

As Mario had agreed on being at a meeting point at 16.30 h to deliver "Remembering Elvis" cd's to the fans attending the Bournemouth concert, we had to hurry, checking in and get on our way again .
When the cd's were delivered we had a quick meal at pizza hut ( that's right, no fancy dinner for us...just the normal meals during an Osmond trip; mac Donalds or pizzahut,lol) and got changed for the concert.
We sneaked in Marios camera with us, but when we were seated at the balcony we weren't brave enough to use it afterall. So my little camera had to work all through the concert
We had a nice seat at the balcony; a good overview of the audience and stage.
Most of the concert was the same but the emotions were running up, needless to say I guess.

2P1050576.jpg P1050601.jpg

P1050575.jpg P1050598.jpg

P1050622.jpg P1050646.jpg

P1050618.jpg P1050634.jpg

After a great concert , filled with lots of fun moments, emotional moments, and one big party they closed it down for the very last time!!
So, this was it!!! The very last Brothers concert ( at least in UK).
With mixed feelings we went outside and on our way to the Osmania Farewell party.
It was a nice evening , so we decided to walk . Afterall it was just around the corner....Yeah right...we got lost .
Even with the help of different security people at the local bars, we couldn't find our way.
FINALLY, at 12 we arrived at the Norfolk Hotel, where the Karens gave their smashing party. Just in time to see how Osmania girls party!! I knew they do know how to throw a party but never been to one!! What fun all those fans had!!!
After Mario "got rid" of the Merrill cd's we went on a photograph with our two US friends Karen and Judy, and then had to leave again.

On to the next address, having a quick drink and chat with another friend and then off to bed to get ready to leave the next day again.

Thank you Mario for giving me the chance to see my hero's for the very last time, for driving me all the way to Bournemouth , and for your
understanding when I cried when I realised it was over!!!

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