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New pictures of the DM Cruise diner group

pictures made by Milly Ebenau.

Thanks Milly for the beautifull pictures!


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The Wedding Vow renewals

Wedding Vow renewal

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Donny dancing on YMCA - clip

At the Sock Hop party on MSC Poesia

Donny dancing on YMCA
Donny will never talk to me again, but hey..... Marie owes me some money! LOL (watch the end of the clip)

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Another Donny clip

Why - at the GT 2012 on MSC Poesia

Why - Donny Osmond

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Lots of great memories!

watch the movies

Donny dancing and singing YoYo

The MAD 2012 participants

More video's coming soon! Keep coming back! :D

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goin' home

We had the feeling we’ve been there forever, but it’s only been for one week.
We’ve seen so many things, done even more things, met so many lovely Osmond friends and felt so very welcome among the DM cruise diner singers. This week is one we’ll treasure forever!

The MSC Poesia after arrival in Fort Lauderdale.

Last breakfast.


Okay, disembarking went smooth but took a long time.
We were kind of nervous because we didn’t t had that much time, between leaving ship and catching our flight.
But we managed!!
The flight from Fort Lauderdale to Detroit was delayed a little bit, as they announced "they couldn't find the crew" lol
It seemed they had a flight in front and with the 3 of them they needed to get a man off board; don't know if he was sick or if there was another reason for.
But when the crew was finally there we went on board and our first 3 hour flight could start.

Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. The ship in the upper left corner is MSC Poesia.

At Detroit we had little time to spend, so when we arrived at the gate we only had to wait for 5 minutes before boarding.
Fortunately we didn't have our seats together; Henny had a seat on the other side, but she sat next to a very nice lady so no problem with that.
After 6 hours we arrived at our beloved airport Amsterdam Schiphol.
Our family was waiting for us; after hugging, kissing and a Dutch cup of coffee we found our way back home.
Happy to be reunited with our families again, but sad we left the friends behind.
Fortunately we still have Facebook and Spotlight where we still can meet our friends!

Hope you all enjoyed reading our little travelblog!
Until next time
Jose, Henny and Diana

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last days program

We woke up very early, took a quick shower, got dressed and then went for breakfast.
From 9 till 11 Donny.com GT was scheduled. And as it came to no surprise AGAIN there was a huge line up by the time we arrived.
The GT started right on time'; Don announced his father and helped his father host the whole event. That man did a great job during the whole cruise!

Donny started by telling he had a great time at the concert the night before and explained which songs he picked from all requests he received.
There were a lot of oldies, like "the twelfth of never", "the last of the red hot lovers" but also more recent stuff: "Close every door", "One dream" and so much more. It was almost like a solo concert.
In between the songs Donny answered questions, gave us a preview of the new Donny.com website on which Don worked night and day to get it finished before the cruise. The website will be launched next week.

Most important item at the GT was election of the MAD program of last year.
10 wonderful causes got started last year and it was hard to pick a winner as all MAD programs were winners on its own.
But 1 stood out according to the audience who picked the winner and the lady, Lillie Baird, got a standing ovation.

Her MAD is STOMO; Some Things of My Own is making a difference!! for foster childern. Take a look on the website STOMO
Her price was to have dinner with Donny and Debbie, and a big surprise: Next years cruise for FREE. Well, she deserved it!!

After this election Donny sang a few songs and then gave us Yo-Yo dance Vegas-style!!!

Still out of breath Donny called in 15 names of fans who registered their selves for this year’s MAD program.
We had to pick 10 out of 15 and shortly this years charities causes were known. They all had a great idea to help the community and really make a difference.
The show went on, and believe it or not, it only felt like 1 hour passed by, but it was really 2 and the party was over.

As it was Cococay day lots of fans went off board. We decided to stay at the ship as we had our choir rehearsal at 1.30.

After that we went out to our little sunny deck and had lunch out there, and then went to the upper deck to have a fruit cocktail and look for a good spot to see the renewal of the wedding vows. Soon the deck was filled with all happy couples who wanted to be remarried by Donny and Marie.
Donny had made a speech where he replaced the last words for pieces of Donny songs. It was lovely to see all the love (whether it was for Donny or their husband, ha!).
After the ceremony the couples went on a photo with Donny and Marie which took forever, as there were so many.
Knowing Donny and Marie they wanted to finish till everyone went on their photo but they were in a terrible hurry as the reception for the VIP guests was scheduled next.

Donny and Marie left and so did we; we changed into our choir clothes; black pants and purple shirts, had a quick dinner and went to the theatre. This time no standing in line but a walking through.
When Donny got in, he was in the middle of the theatre and the doors were open as well, so he got mobbed by lots of fans.
Soon it was 9.30 and the show got started. Don announced Donny and Marie who took their seats on stage behind a table.

The show started with the fans who were acting in the “As seen on TV" scenes. They did a fantastic job and D&M were entertained a lot :)
Then the music talent show started; the acts in front of us were so very good.
We were introduced with our story; about the meeting at Bubba Gump’s; worldwide fans not knowing each other and decided to sing this song inspired by Marie.
Before we knew it we were finished and got our appreciation by Donny and Marie who were impressed that again through the Osmonds lifetime friends got connected with each other.

With our act the show was over; but not before watching a slideshow together. When the slideshow was over Marie asked "who put that together"? From behind the curtain a man answered proudly "the ship did" on which Marie answered "And they won't do it again".
This answer cracked Donny and Marie up and caused a laughing from the audience but most from Marie and Donny their selves.
They were laughing so very hard there wasn't coming out anything normal anymore.
Donny tried to sing "May tomorrow be a perfect day..." but even that didn't work out anymore.
So after Goodnight everybody the curtains closed and we said goodbye to our sweet new friends and went off to get our suitcase packed for tomorrow’s departure.

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Almost showtime

Today was the day that we rehearsed with the DM Cruise Diner group for the very first time shortly before the audition of the talent show.
We practised a few times and then we needed up on stage.
We did our "gig" and were asked to leave again, and if we were through to the show they would notify us. Kinda "don't call us we call you".
As we were with so many of us, we agreed that we'd walk down to JoAimee's room every now and then, where she would stick a note to her door, letting us know if we failed or passed.
At supper we heard the news, we passed! NOW we could start being nervous. Perform in front of an audience of 1500 is bad enough, but perform in front of your youth idol???

Anyway, while waiting for this great news, we went over to the Osmond Trivia; The Trivia was hosted by Don who did a wonderful job.
We sat at a table and were so impressed by this guy who really knew every answer to every question. It was no surprise he ended up as a winner in this competition.

After the Trivia we took a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on the deck next to our cabin. It was nice and quiet and we even took our lunch up there.

Because Bingo was cancelled while being at Nassau, it was rescheduled, so we went there today. We thought it was the Bingo with Osmond Prices, but unfortunately it wasn't. It was "just" a money-priced Bingo, which we thought was a shame. Sure the ladies who won the jackpot won't agree, but still....

Then it was time to do another Donny and Marie event; As seen on TV.
This was fun; Donny and Marie selected 4 scenes from the old Donny and Marie shows, and asked fans who dared re-acting those scenes.
The fans selected received a copy of the scene and the lines and had the time till Friday night at the talent show to study and rehearse!

After dinner we set on the pooldeck with a cup of coffee. Donny passed our table with Debbie and some of their family. He asked us if we would come to see the show... we couldn't resised to tell him we might think about going....... :)

Time to get changed and then up to the theatre :) WOW!!!! The line was so very long that we covered several lounges. The poor man of the jewellery store; he had his merchandise stalled on tables outside his store, but the line up was just passing through the store, so no one could see the stuff and so he didn't sell a single thing as long as the Donny and Marie Show didn't start.

We stood in line for 1 1/2 hour; thinking how long the line up was, there were fans that must have been there for 3 hours or so. But finally the doors of the theatre opened and everyone got their seats.
There were no pictures allowed in here, so unfortunately we can not post any pictures of An Evening with Donny and Marie for you.
The concert was very good; unfortunately we sat at the wrong angle of the theatre (3rd row though), so the sound wasn't that good.
Still, we loved the show. Lot of different songs were performed; oldies, new ones, Broadway, you name it.
As always time flies when you're having fun, so again, it ended much too soon.
Happy we found our way back to the room, getting back the past day in mind and dreaming of what is coming next.....

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Nasau and more Donny and Marie

Early rise today. We wanted to see the ship dock at Nassau harbour. Temperature was pleasant at the upper deck. At breakfast Donny's children sat next to us. After breakfast we went into Nassau like the many tourists who were joining us from our ship and three other cruiseships. We took a ride with horse and carriage for a short sightseeing of Nassau, and when Henny climbed into the carriage her foot went straight through the floor of the carriage. LOL. The driver repaired the carriage with a rock which he used as a hammer. Nassau is the capitol of the Bahama's which exists of 700 islands.
We went shopping at the straw market and drank some coffee in a nice coffeebar where José was locked up at the toilet.
Then it was lunchtime and time for sunbathing and swimming and cocktails. At 3.30 pm Marie's special event: hanging on through life can ruin a good manicure, started. That was so funny, emotional and inspiring for all the women. That woman has a beautiful mind.

After dinner we went outside to the pooldeck for the sock hop discoparty. A bunch of people were dressed up in costumes of the seventees and they were dancing with an instructor.
It was great fun to see. After a while Marie came out dressed as Farrah Fawcett and her husband of course was Lee Majors. Marie was judge of the costume competition. Later on Donny also came out and he was dressed up as the policeman from the Village People, with Debbie handcuffed to his arm :-) It was hilarious. The best costume was worn by a boy with a Donny costume as worn by the Donny doll. After that Donny and a few dancers did the Village People routine, which Henny filmed

We were supposed to go to bingo, but that was cancelled because of Bahama gambling regulations. So after a drink we went to our room to keep you all posted on our blog. Enjoy the update.

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Okay sweet Osmondfans, today is what is all about in this blog. Start of the Donny and Marie cruise. We checked out of the hotel and shared a ride in a taxibus with our new sweet Australian friends. We checked in at MSC Poesia and were amazed how smooth and well organized the embarkment went. After exploring the ship and lunch we went to the pool party with Donny and Marie. We arrived half an hour early and there was a huge crowd standing all over the deck. So our priority now was finding a spot where we could see at least a little bit.

Marie, Steve came out together with Donny, Debbie and Don. The meeting wasn't too long but thats probably because there was a lifedrill scheduled for all passengers.
After the drill we changed for a quick dinner as we wanted to wave the dutch flag while sailing off. So homefront could recognise us while watching the webcam. Which didn't work because the boat was illuminated.
After that we went to the theatre to see where D&M's questions and answers were held. The Q&A were hilarious. Marie was so funny and they were both very relaxed. A lot of crazy questions were asked and Marie made fun of Donny as much as she could.
Todays program had also a movie picked by Marie "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. And the karaoke with Osmond songs. We watched a little of both and when we planned on going to our room a lovely lady from the organisation wincked us that Donny was inside. So one goodnight to Donny and Debbie and off to bed. On to a next perfect day.

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