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The Osmond Brothers up,close and personal

Getting ready



Since I was lucky to do the Cruising with Friends trip , I thought I was very wise to safe up money.
But the love for the Osmonds is much stronger than the will to safe up.
Well, for one who has decided NOT going to the " Up , Close and Personal tour " I had a very busy last couple of weeks, trying to get tickets, flights, hotels,etc etc.
My first goal was getting a ticket; I already decided to do Hammersmith, as that area I have been before and as I was going to travel on my own,I rather do a city I know a little bit.
Google Osmonds concerts, and you'll find great seats, but also expensive seats. It was my only one, so I'd go for the 95 pound seat, row E
Next stop; Osmond general store to upgrade for the meet and greet;
Unfortunately no luck, the meet and greet tickets were sold out, the night before. A little too late :(
Oh well, at least I got in!!! and had a nice seat!
Flight....the only flight I could book on return , for a good price, was the one leaving early...very early.
Oh well, The Osmonds are worthed and at least I have no roommates who I'd wake up when I have to leave.
At least, that's what I thought at that moment. So, okay, flight got booked.
Hotel was easy. I knew Novotel was nearby, so that one was booked right away.
With that having done, all I can do now is wait, and counting down the days.

THEN I received this email from my sweet friends from USA: they were doing the last concerts. "Please come?!"
Oh boy, how do I explain this at home?!
Easier than expected, ha. My sweet hubby offered to drive me to Bournemouth, and even offered to walk around there when I was doing the concert.
Nah...that's no fun. Okay, I'll book 2 tickets and believe it or not , I am doing the concert with Mario.
I don't know if this will be any fun of him, to attend the very last concert with me, as I already know I am going to cry, like most of the fans will.
Anyway, I booked 2 concert tickets; not the very best ones...we are on left balcony, but row A, so no tall people in front of me,HA
As he was so sweet to offer this, and even paid for the tickets, I booked us a beautiful room .
Boat was booked the very same night, so Bournemouth was added to my wish list.

What else could I wish for???
I still had this thing with the meet and greet ticket....I felt so sorry for myself I didn't manage to get one, haha
I decided to search on ebay uk, and BINGO; there was one.
BUT it started at 95 and still several days to go.
Without thinking (when bidding on Osmonds items, you better not think) I made a max bid of 200
With only 1 day to go my max bid was gone. Okay, let's try 250 then. Oh boy....
even that didn't manage. Did I want the ticket that bad???? YES I did.
So watching the bidding, I made a final bid at the last couple of minutes, and HOORAY, I "WON"
I couldn't be happier with this prepairation of the trip; got my meet and greet 2nd row ticket,
PLUS I am doing the last one, PLUS I am going to see my sweet US friends, and all the other sweeties I have met over the years.

Then I believe it was Mario who said, "hey aren't the Karens doing the Afterparty in Bournemouth"?
ARE THEY??? Yes they are!!!!!!
woohooo, shall we be that lucky to get in there as well? I know these parties are always a huge success and booked completely full.
And they were. BUT, they could sqeeze 2 small people in, and so again, we booked and paid:)

Following every post on spotlight, on facebook and other fansites, I received an instant message from 2 scandinavian friends.
They were having problems with booking a hotel in London....Could they join me on my room?
Of course they can, but remember my early flight. I need to get up at 5.But if that's no problem, they are more than welcome!
Today, only one week away, I am thinking of other important matters....what to wear.
So I'm afraid upcoming week will be all about clothes problems!
More to come on april 28th!

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