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on my way to meet and greet

After weeks of "shall I, or won't I ", finally it was time to leave for my first Farewell concert.
London here I come.
This trip was a trip filled of 1st, as it was the first time I was going to an Osmond Concert without
my VVC friends; we have this foursome, who steady go to Osmond concerts in Europe(UK). Except for this year.
It felt strange doing the concert without them.
Feeling brave, I set the alarm at 4.30 so I had plenty of time to get my things ready, AGAIN! I still wonder,
why I am packing my things before, as on the day I Leave, I unpack again, to be sure not to forget anything.
I totally forgot, that if you check-in online, and only carry hand-lugguage , you don't need to be at present 2 in front
SO, I was very, very early at Eindhoven airport, which gave Mario and I the chance to drink some coffee, and talk things through;
esp because I travel on so many different ways; flying first, then bus, then metro...
Mario told me, he would be standing at the end of the runway to get the picture of me up in the air (guess he wanted to be sure,
I'd be gone, lol)


As I arrived 10 minutes late in London, I missed my bus, so first I needed to reschedule that part of my trip.
Walking to the stop, I totally lost my way (which isn't that hard for me, as I get lost in my own back-yuard :) )
I got stopped by the bus driver who totally blew my head off; "what was I thinking??? I could have been arrested if they saw me,
crossing the street, and in that case I wouldn't be able to travel at all, anymore" ...wow!!

Anyway, I arrived at Hammersmith, got my tube and arrived at the Novotel, where my roommate Jaana was waiting for me.

We decided to go into town, check the Apollo and get something to eat. Then back to the room where I needed to get dressed for my
One thing I am very grateful for, is Facebook! I have met so many sweet friends through Facebook and other social networks, but the
most special moment was when I received a letter from a friend I met about 35 years ago, and who found me again through facebook.
She decided to go to the concert as well, and after so many years we met!!!
I met so many ├Âld friends" at the meet and greet, and of course sweet friends from my country.
It was party all the time.

The meet and greet started up with a photo of the fans with the Brothers.
It was a rush thing; standing in line, picture taken and move on, to safe time, so the brothers had plenty of time for the Q&A.
When it was my turn it was good to see , and esp hear, the surprise on Jay and Merrill's face for me to show up there.
We had a nice chat, and I went up to my seat. Not that bad 2nd row.

The Q & A were fun; Jay tried to tell jokes, but be fair, no one can tell jokes like Wayne does.
So we laughed our heads off, when one fan asked Jay to explain his jokes.
The meet and greets were so very relaxed and fun to attend; I thought it was worthed every effort (and money) I had to spend getting the ticket
After about an hour, they were closing it down, so the doors opened and fans were walking inside.

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