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High Wycombe

by Mario Jekel

The name Wycombe comes from the river Wye, and the old English word for a wooded valley, combe. In the 1960s the town center was redeveloped. This involved culverting the River Wye under concrete, and demolishing most of the old buildings in Wycombe's town center. Two shopping centers were built along with many new multi-storey car parks, office blocks, flyovers and roundabouts. Areas of cottages and period buildings have been replaced with a town centre which looked like any other built in the aesthetically challenged decade of the 1960s. On the open area known as Frogmoor the original cast iron fountain and some Georgian buildings have gone. A recent town centre regeneration project (the 'Eden Project') was originally going to uncover the Wye, however in a change of plan the new shopping center has been built over the whole area, right up to the road which runs parallel with the river.
Nowadays the population of High Wycombe town approx. 95000.
As we arrived at High Wycombe through the valley combe we saw a lot of Red Kites gliding, a magnificent view on a bird very rare in our country.

bird2.jpg bird1.jpg

But now the concert, the concert of today was scheduled at the Swan Theater – a nice small venue with good light and viewing conditions.
The evening starts with ‘The Osmond Trivia’ followed by a 4 song performance of ‘The DropOuts’ with guest player Si Mulvey ( Bay City Rollers ).
After the intermission it was Osmond time, they start with ‘Crazy Horses’ – followed by a smoothly rolling show were Brother Jay was marked as available.
There was a small part for the Brothers left in the States in the goose bumps giving song ‘ Remember Me’ were we saw a picture from Alan, Wayne and Donny.

2P1050537.jpg P1050538.jpg

At the final part there was a nice song as a tribute to a grandma with silver hair –

during the final notes of Crazy Horses they thanks the audience for the support for many years and received a standing ovation as thank for giving so many memories and good feelings.


After this we went home or leave to spend the night in a hotel – looking forward to the next and final show of this tour – Bournemouth.

P1050509.jpg P1050484.jpg

P1050482.jpg P1050502.jpg
1P1050515.jpg P1050547.jpg

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